Double Arched Wavy Front Face

A chrome-plated strip runs through the double arched and wavy grilles, like a “bridge” over a shimmering lake, adding simple yet elegant touches to the vehicle.

Wing-shaped Center Console

Stretching to both sides like an eagle spreading its wings, the dashboard conveys a sense of power. The sub-dashboard, with innovative design and unique structure, is just like an aircraft carrier embarking on its journey!
With generous use of piano paint and various colors for option, it expresses a fashionable and cool style. The new soft material, which is environment friendly and recyclable, brings the tactile sensation of leather.

Sporty and Cool Interior Trim

The sportiness is evidently reflected in the dual-color interior trim with British noble spirit as well as the exquisite and stylish double topstitching.

GETRAG 6-Speed Transverse Dry Dual Clutch Transmission

It adopts the second-generation electromechanical dry clutch transmission, with upgraded K2damper and new heat-resistant materials, thus providing better damping effect and heat resistance.
With a maximum input torque of 250Nm, it has Sport Mode, Eco Mode and Manual Mode available. This brings more direct power output, higher transmission efficiency, and quicker shifting response. The transmission is also smooth and clear-cut in gear shifting, with excellent fuel-efficiency and durability.

2.0-DVVT Naturally Aspirated Engine

DVVT intake and exhaust variable valve timing technology is adopted to optimize the timing of the distribution for the intake and exhaust camshafts, which improves the operation of the engine in a wider speed range, thus delivering superior power and fuel economy.

Smart Steering Fog Light

When turning, the fog lights turn on automatically with steering, making the driver’s field of vision clear and enhancing traffic safety.

360° View