Front Grille

Front grille design and fish type mesh profile combine perfectly with the “water element” concept, coupling hardness with softness.

Flowing and Dazzling LED Tailights

LED light strip design integrates CHERY brand element, creating an exquisite design.

Dazzling Sporty Dash Board (w/Color Screen)

Provide more than 200 kinds of real-time information, including tire pressure, fatigue driving reminding and overspeed alarm, etc. Stereoscopic bicolor crystal pointer with white backlight is adopted.


Sunroof is opened by one button. It has two modes: flip-up and fully open, keeping air in the car fresh and creating a comfortable riding experience.


High-quality Materials are Selected
The beautiful seats are soft and comfortable, because they are coated with fabric and breathable leather matching geometric patterns.
Double Stitching
This design is originated from high-grade suit design concept, providing elegant and concise style.
The hardness of seat filler, supporting force of seatback, and width and length of cushion are all designed according to ergonomic requirement. The system helps driver to relieve fatigue to the utmost degree.

Engine: 2.0L DVVT Engine

Unique Technology
DVVT technology, which uses dual independent variable value timing system, to improve the performances of power, fuel economy and exhaust emission.
Reliable Performance
Experiencing an 1,800,000 Km road reliability test and an 100,000-hour bench reliability verification, it has more mature technology and stable performance.
Three High Designs
High flow coefficient, high flow passage and high durability.

Hill Hold Control (HHC)

When starting at a hill, the HHC prevents the vehicle from sliding back within 2 seconds after releasing the brake pedal, allowing the vehicle to start easily at the hill.

Constant Speed Cruise Control

Setting range of constant speed cruise control: 40-130km/h. When driving at constant speed, you can fully relax your feet and enjoy driving.