“X” type family wide front face

Several sharp lines outline a swift “X” type family wide front face, bringing about astonishing visual impact at your first glance. The transverse-extending design is forward-looking and makes the car body look wider; the sporty style with a lower center of gravity makes the car like the aircraft flying on the ground.

Matrix-type LED taillight

The 3D sculptured matrix-type LED light sources blend in well with the traverse central chrome-plated molding at the rear end. This innovative design not only increases the visual width, but also echoes well with the design of the front face.

Ultra-wide angle electric folding rearview mirror

The ultra-wide angle rearview mirror is integrated with multiple functions including car locking, automatic folding, automatic defrosting and LED turn signal lights, showing strong sense of science and technology.

Future-wing floating instrument panel

The German Bauhaus design style is applied to interpret the beauty of balance and simplicity of the Future Wing, and the slush-molding instrument panel has delicate texture and is touched soft

Leather seat

Leathers are applied in the car for wrapping of interior trims, with a coverage high up to 65%. The leather provides not only an excellent visual effect, but also a superb touch effect due to its soft texture. Leather seat Spacious ecological cabin, allowing you to embrace a high quality life The overall

1.5T high-efficiency engine

The engine has a thermal efficiency up to 37.1%, a maximum horsepower of 147Ps and a peak torque of 210N.m. The engine is integrated advanced technologies that increase the acceleration response by 35% and reduce the 100km fuel consumption down to 6.4L, enabling the driver to enjoy a high rpm driving without the worry on fuel consumption.

6 Autoliv airbags

Autoliv is a world top 500 brands and enjoys reliable quality.The 6 airbags provide wide range of protection for occupants,and the secondary release function of the airbag eectivelyreduces injury from airbag, building multiple safeguards for your driving.

360° around-view monitor

The four 180° wide-angle cameras on front, rear, left and right sides of car provide all-round views of the car and truly realize blind spotfree parking and aerial view of real driving environment, making turning, parking and aisle meeting easier.

نمای 360 درجه داخل خودرو